Moving your body is key to your life-long mental and physical wellness.  Whether you have excelled in martial arts, in Kung Fu or another style, or you are looking for a fresh and better way to approach your personal training, FDMA is where you will exceed your expectations in strength, health, and physical fitness.


Held in semi-private, private, and small class environments, we provide programs and classes customized to your strengths and needs - wherever you may be on your journey.


With martial arts as the foundation of the school, all programs, classes, and personal training sessions benefit from centuries of training and experience.  The focus is to challenge your body and mind to enhance the long-term energy and performance of both.


At FDMA, when you bring your desire, and your willingness to challenge and better yourself, you will reach goals previously only imagined.


An important component to sustaining such an intensely rewarding practice is to thoroughly enjoy the process!  In my role as teacher, mentor, friend, and owner of FDMA, I am committed to an environment of support and respect.  If this sounds like your type of place, come join us!


We would love to have you visit our school!  To assure that you get the attention you deserve, without detracting from our classes, please call to set up a time for a private lesson, to join a class or stop by an chat and tour our facilities. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult 18+ years of age in and out of the school.


Our students have found martial arts and fitness at FDMA a unique, life enhancing experience. Here is what they say about FDMA.


"Being involved in the Martial Arts for over 20 years, finding a school that has evolved to the needs of today’s world is refreshing. Sifu Ryan has motivated me to push to a level I never thought possible! I LOVE this school."

~ Josh C. ~


 "As a law enforcement professional, finding a Martial Arts school that teaches you techniques that will not get you hurt on the street is a big deal. This place has it all, Fitness and nutrition as well as a great approach to self-protection. I highly recommend this school to all who want an honest Martial Arts school."

~ Steven P. ~


 "I’m a mother of two boys (6 & 10); having a school where we are able to train all at the same time is a big deal. It helps me bond with the boys and keeps us in shape. This also helps make time for their dad when he gets home from work. Sifu Ryan is super knowledgeable about how our bodies work and how best to help meet my goals. Best of all the boys are better focused in school and during homework time.

Thank you so much, we are so grateful for finding this treasure!"

~ Karen J.  ~



Who will benefit

• Martial artists of all styles who want to take it to the next level of mental, physical, and effective application.


• Martial artists who have trained and want to return to training without "starting over".


• Individuals who have wanted to try martial arts, but didn't know how, or if it's too late.


• Individuals who want something that will be sustainable, mentally stimulating, and physically challenging.


• Individuals who want to start doing something for their bodies after injury or a long break in activity.


• Individuals who are interested in how their individual body "really works", and how to build and leverage it for their best selves.


• Parents who are looking for an activity they can do with their children that encourages their mental well-being and physical confidence while strengthening their bond as a family.

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